Development Keys is a group composed of committed individuals with expertise and proficiency. Driven by passion, performance and innovation. We deliver the ultimate quality of engineering services to our valuable clients which includes interior design, design supervision, construction management and project management with the pursuit of excellence and growth in delivering luxury. Our Company is engaged in development and research to provide the best solutions for all our clients

Quality is our Culture

Safety is our Behavior

Clients are our Partners

Society is our Target

Commitment is our Excellence

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the Leading Consulting Company providing the most innovative and sustainable development for all aspects of engineering by creating a non-stop solution provider to a magnitude of engineering design, construction supervision & project management services so our clients may enjoy the best performance and services with a sustainable competitive advantage guided by our passion and commitment in corporate creativity.

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the services we provide are up to the highest degree of standards, committed to strive for the very best in order to meet and even exceed our client’s expectations and by actively communicating their thoughts and ideas to obtain a level of satisfaction they truly deserve.

Through the process of learning basic concepts, design methodologies, innovative problem-solving capabilities and implementation skills in cutting-edge engineering fields, we pledge to execute real-world challenges as a means of inspiration and motivation to provide unique and creative solutions.

Development Keys was established in 2018 as an engineer­ing consultancy office with objectives to meet its client’s expectations with its board members professional expertise and by offering the ultimate quality of services.

In Development Keys, we are always looking for being in everyone’s good expectation, including presenting the highest level of services and solutions to the VIP’s clients in the field. We are committing to the highest standards of quality and looking after our client’s satisfaction. There is no doubt that our spread resources lead our clients to get the best experience and special services that will allow them to succeed in living a more rewarding, fulfilled and improved lives.

The office includes many technical experts qualified to carry out the above-mentioned work in various fields and we ensure that all services are provided within the highest standards of quality and commitment to achieve the vision of our office in providing its distinguished services and raising the quality of all projects offered to our clients.

“It would be an honor and a definite pride to work and demonstrate our full capabilities with our clients through all their current and future projects.” – DK Designers Team